T-FLEX CAD Questions and Answers


T-FLEX CAD is a 2D and 3D parametric, feature-based CAD package for manufacturers. T-FLEX is designed to reduce time for designers, thereby reducing cost and overhead for manufacturers. A mature product, T-FLEX has been feature-based since it first shipped, in 1992. Constraints, which are optional at all stages of design, are based upon geometric relationships and algebraic formulae. T-FLEX also handles under-constrained and non-constrained geometry, useful for conceptual design. T-FLEX CAD is built around the Parasolid 3D Kernel.

What is the primary function of T-FLEX CAD?

T-FLEX CAD is a feature-based mechanical design CAD software product, which is designed to save time and money by using parametric and varimetric tools for drawing and modeling automation. The key to the product is simple and accurate geometric construction. Parasolid-compatible 3D solid models are easily produced from 2D working drawings or directly in 3D space. Draw in 2D using skills that you already have get both 2D and 3D results. T-FLEX CAD did not add parametric features to existing CAD program code it was designed and written as a parametric design program from the very beginning.

What is our market niche?

T-FLEX CAD is best utilized in a creative design department that is under pressure to produce high quality scale drawings and/or solid models with rapid turnaround. Products that are subject to frequent geometric changes are ideal. T-FLEX can easily produce dozens of new drawings/models per hour, complete with documentation, from a single parametric model.
Besides of course T-FLEX can be used as general purpose 2D and 3D MCAD software. It includes everything required for the professional design.

Which products are most comparable to T-FLEX CAD?

Current and potential customers most generally compare the features of T-FLEX against the features of SolidWorks, Inventor, Solid Edge, UGS NX, Catia, Pro/ENGINEER.

What sort of industries is T-FLEX CAD useful for?

Engineers worldwide use T-FLEX CAD for the design and manufacture of products for aerospace, automotive, consumer, instrumentation and machine design, mold design, tool and die design, rapid prototyping, medical, defense, electrical, power, furniture industries, industrial construction, woodworking, education and much more.

What differentiates T-FLEX CAD from its direct competitors?

Although T-FLEX incorporates all design, manufacturing, and documentation requirements for the modern design software, T-FLEX CAD specializes in the fastest, lowest cost, parametric drawing, and 3D solid modeling. It has various unique features that provide its users with unbeatable advantages in different areas of application. Besides T-FLEX is less costly to own and maintain.

How much does T-FLEX CAD cost?

T-FLEX CAD is a reasonably priced full featured professional design package. It is not a low-cost limited analogue of professional MCAD package. On the other side T-FLEX?s initial and maintenance price is lower than the prices of the mid-range CAD systems. The price varies from country to country and you should address T-FLEX local distributor or directly Top Systems for the price in your area.

What is the maintenance policy?

The initial purchase includes a perpetual license to T-FLEX CAD software and maintenance subscription for the first year which entitles you to continuous technical support and all product updates. You will be automatically invoiced for the next subscription period on the renewal date each year. If you choose not to renew maintenance, you can continue to run T-FLEX indefinitely using the version you have when your subscription expires. After your maintenance has expired you may renew T-FLEX CAD subscription at double price of the annual maintenance fee no matter of the number of missed years.

What are the strongest points of T-FLEX CAD?

- Fast and easy to learn parametrics.
- Automatic constraint generation for parametric design; unconstrained and or under-constrained are OK.
- Mature parametric code (over 15 years) combined with the most current 3D technology ? Parasolid.
- Cost-effective ownership and maintenance, excellent free support, and quick bug fixes.
- Features that help to accomplish tasks unsolvable in other packages.
- T-FLEX Open API delivers unlimited customization flexibility and possibility to develop third-party add-on applications.

What libraries of parts are available for T-FLEX CAD?

T-FLEX CAD libraries contain great number of parts in ANSI, ISO, DIN and other standards as well as numerous downloadable parts available through the extensive libraries of mechanical components from Cadenas and Traceparts.

Can T-FLEX CAD provide an overall design solution?

T-FLEX CAD itself is a powerful CAD system with extensive set of features capable of solving various design tasks. Besides that Top Systems also ships integrated CAE and CAM add-on applications for product validation and manufacturing. PDM and CAPP solutions are also available.

Third-Party Products: T-FLEX CAD can export drawings and/or solid models in the following formats: DWG, DXF, IGES, Parasolid, STEP, Rhino, VRML, Solid Works, Solid Edge, Autodesk Inventor and others. These formats provide a wide range of compatibility with thousands of other engineering software products.

Copy Protection: Hardware USB device or software HASP.

Primary Applications: Manufacturing; mechanical design.

Languages Available: English, German, Italian, Polish, Czech, Russian.