Top Systems provides integrated software solutions for product design, manufacturing and data management


Company History

1989: Foundation of Top Systems. Top Systems Ltd. was formed in 1989 by seven graduate students of the "STANKIN" Technological University, Moscow, Russia, to meet the increasing demands for an advanced yet practical software solution in the mechanical design sector of industry. During their postgraduate studies, the students had pursued the goal of creating parametric CAD software package for industry. By 1989 a usable piece of software had evolved and the students began providing it to Russian manufacturers at no charge. The software (then called TopCAD) became very popular among Russian mechanical designers. Developers formed a commercial private company and began selling Version 1.0 of their product.
1992: Official registration of Top Systems.
1992: Product name change. In 1992 the product name was changed to T-FLEX Parametric CAD because of some trademark disputes in France, and with a few other marketing changes, success began to accrue quickly. By the end of 1993 hundreds of engineers were experiencing the timesaving parametric techniques that were employed in T-FLEX 2.0.
1994: First release with 3D modeling features. The company grew steadily, and in June 1994 Version 3.0 was released with basic 3D modeling commands. The unique feature of working in a 2D parametric environment but having the results available in a rendered 3D model proved to be very popular with the engineers who saw the product.
1995: Release 4.0. From 1994 to 1995 Top Systems grew to 19 employees. In March 1995 Version 4.0 of the product was released. A number of helpful features had been added, most importantly increased compatibility with other CAD products. T-FLEX could now read and write AutoCAD DWG files as well as standard DXF files. The program was now a full 32 bit extended DOS application with excellent speed and compatibility. Its parametric features were unequaled in any CAD software.
1996: Version 5.0 of T-FLEX was released. It was upgraded to Windows NT (95). In 1996 ACIS 3D kernel was licensed. This version contained full, complex 3D modeling capabilities along with enhanced 2D and 3D parametrics that operated efficiently on a standard Intel-based PC.
1997: Export business begins; first success in USA.
1998: In June 1998 Version 6.0 was released. This contained full associative 2D drawings created from 3D models, 3D animation, advanced modeling features. The response to the version has been very strong. T-FLEX 6.0 was used as the core product of a complete range of fully integrated mechanical applications and the first release of T-FLEX DOCs - complete PDM system.
1999: Integration of the Parasolid kernel modeler. T-FLEX CAD 7.0 on Parasolid became one of the most powerful and advanced parametric 2D and 3D design packages, providing the necessary tools for the modern design engineer.
2001: T-FLEX CAD 7.1 features innovations in the areas of advanced parametric modeling, assembly development, ease-of-use, and drawing productivity. T-FLEX CAM, a new add-on application, provides a complete integrated CAD/CAM solution.
2002: T-FLEX CAD 7.2 released with new user interface in 3D modeling.
2003: T-FLEX CAD 8.0 released featuring more than 300 customer-requested enhancements, significant raise in performance, improved user interface, and optimized handling of complex models and large assemblies. T-FLEX CAD is named as the best 3D modeler on the Russian CAD software market.
2004: In addition to Russian and English versions program is translated into several languages. The number of worldwide partners is growing.
2005: Top Systems releases T-FLEX CAD 9 with advanced technology for dynamic assemblies, built-in FEA Analysis and enhanced modeling.
2006: Top Systems continues to deliver the best parametric design solutions with the newest version of its flagship software T-FLEX CAD 10 and add-on CAM and CAE modules.
2007: T-FLEX CAD has been awarded a 2007 Product of the Year Award as the best design solution on the Russian market competing with more than 20 different products from all over the world.
2008: T-FLEX CAD 11 delivered a new, modern, intuitive, time-saving user interface as well as impressive productivity enhancements, fast 3D graphics, and advanced modeling features.
2009: T-FLEX CAD and all T-FLEX add-on applications now take advantage of the 64-bit architecture and support Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.
2010: T-FLEX DOCs 2010 released - PLM solution with advanced document and project management providing the vaulting, global sharing, and workflow management capabilities. This product opened for Top Systems a new market - enterprise knowledge foundation.
2011: Version 12 of T-FLEX CAD released. It provides significant improvements based on the new architectural solutions. More international resellers have joined T-FLEX team.
2012: 20th anniversary of the company operations. The number of customers increased to 4,500.
2013: All applications of T-FLEX series support Windows 8. T-FLEX DOCs 2012, updated version of Top Systems? PLM software with expanded functionality, released.
2014: The release of T-FLEX CAD 14 with enhanced performance and support for very large projects. Further development of international sales.
2015: Continuation of work on development of existing and new T-FLEX applications.
2016: Top Systems releases T-FLEX CAD 15 and add-ons with new user interface, new tools, and new process enhancements for innovative design. New version on T-FLEX DOCs 15 provides efficient collaboration environment to work concurrently across teams.
2017: Company celebrates 25th anniversary. T-FLEX CAD since version 15.1 supports direct import from all major CAD systems. New T-FLEX Nesting add-on application for sheet materials nesting has been released.
2018: T-FLEX CAD 16 with new variational parametric design tools released. Two new add-ons have been introduced: T-FLEX VR providing the use of virtual reality technology and T-FLEX Electrical with a wide range of tools for electrical design.
2019: Company marked record software sales growth and introduced the upcoming release of its major software update for T-FLEX CAD 17 and T-FLEX DOCs 17 application series.


Company meets this year with energy that has never wilted over the years, both in innovative product development and sales all over the world.